How to Get Rock Smash in Pokemon Y And X: Unleash Your Strength

To get Rock Smash in Pokemon Y and X, go to Ambrette Town and speak to the Punk Girl in a house. She will give you the HM for Rock Smash.

Rock Smash is a vital move that allows you to break through rocks blocking your path in the game. By obtaining and teaching this move to one of your Pokemon, you will be able to access new areas, find hidden items, and progress further in your journey.

In Pokemon Y and X, mastering Rock Smash is essential for exploration and completing various challenges throughout the game. So, make sure to get this HM early on to enhance your gameplay experience and become the ultimate Pokemon trainer!

How to Get Rock Smash in Pokemon Y And X: Unleash Your Strength


Locating The Rock Smash Tm

In Pokemon Y, the Rock Smash TM can be found in Ambrette Town. Head to the Fossil Lab and find it in a house. In Pokemon X, you can obtain the TM in Cyllage City. Look for a man in a building who will give it to you.

Teaching Rock Smash To A Pokemon

To identify the right Pokemon for Rock Smash, look for sturdy, physical attackers. Teach the move to a compatible Pokemon by using HM 03. Select a Pokemon that can learn Rock Smash through TM available in the games. Remember to have the required gym badge for using HM 03. Carefully strategize your team composition before teaching Rock Smash. Using the move outside of battles, and you can break rocks in specific areas.

Using Rock Smash

Rock Smash is a useful move that allows you to break rocks in Pokemon Y and X. When breaking rocks, you may encounter Pokemon such as Geodude and Roggenrola, as well as find items such as fossils and Stardust. By using Rock Smash in various locations, you can uncover hidden treasures and access new areas. It is crucial to teach Rock Smash to a Pokemon in your party so that you can make the most of these opportunities.

Exploring Rock Smash Locations

Rock Smash is a necessary move in Pokemon Y and X to access new areas and find hidden items. By using Rock Smash, players can break through cracked rocks blocking certain paths, allowing further exploration. Rock Smash locations can be found throughout the game in various areas, such as caves, mountains, and forests.

To access new areas, trainers must first obtain the HM Rock Smash, which is given by a character in the game. Once obtained, players can teach the move to a compatible Pokemon, allowing them to use it during their journey. It is essential to have a Pokemon in your party with the Rock Smash move to progress in the game.

In these newly accessible areas, players will have the opportunity to find hidden items, such as rare Pokemon, TMs, and evolution stones. These hidden treasures are often hidden behind cracked rocks that can be smashed with the Rock Smash move. Careful exploration and thorough examination of the surroundings will unveil these valuable items.

So, to truly experience all that Pokemon Y and X has to offer, trainers must master the technique of Rock Smash. By breaking through barriers and discovering hidden items, they can unlock new areas and uncover valuable resources to enhance their gameplay experience.

Overcoming Rock Smash Obstacles

To obtain Rock Smash in Pokemon Y and X, players must overcome various obstacles scattered throughout the game. One major challenge is navigating pathways blocked by large rocks. For instance, in Cyllage City, players need to smash rocks blocking their way to progress in the game. Similarly, in Reflection Cave, several pathways are obstructed by these rocks. It is essential to have a Pokemon in your team that knows the Rock Smash move to clear the way.

Once you have a Pokemon with the Rock Smash move, approach a rock blocking your path and interact with it to initiate the battle. Defeating the rock will remove the obstruction, enabling you to pass through and explore new areas. It is important to note that not all rocks are breakable, so it’s crucial to identify the ones that can be smashed.

Locations Requiring Rock Smash in Y and X:
Location Pathway
Cyllage City Blocking access to the city’s gym and further exploration
Reflection Cave Obstructing multiple paths and secret areas

Rock Smash Strategies

One way to incorporate Rock Smash into battles is to use it strategically against opponents with high defense. By lowering their defense, you can make it easier to take them down. Additionally, combining Rock Smash with Pokémon moves that target defense can create a powerful duo. Another strategy is to optimize for efficiency by teaching Rock Smash to a Pokémon with good physical attack stats, making the move more effective. By utilizing Rock Smash effectively, trainers can gain an advantage in battles and overcome tough opponents.

Conclusion And Enhanced Gameplay

Discover how to obtain Rock Smash in Pokemon X and Y to enhance your gameplay experience significantly. The conclusion is a rewarding one, with exciting new features awaiting players to explore and conquer. Mastering this move unlocks hidden areas, boosts your team’s strength, and opens up new possibilities to enrich your adventure.

Enhance your gameplay by unlocking Rock Smash Empower your Pokemon by teaching them the move
Reveal hidden treasures and secret pathways Explore new areas and find valuable items
How to Get Rock Smash in Pokemon Y And X: Unleash Your Strength


How to Get Rock Smash in Pokemon Y And X: Unleash Your Strength



Obtaining Rock Smash in Pokemon Y and X is crucial for access to hidden areas. Use this move to break through cracked rocks and reveal hidden items. Remember to teach it to a Pokémon with a robust physical attack. This will enhance your gameplay experience and unlock new possibilities.

Happy gaming and smashing!