A Part-Time job Scholarship Contest for All College Students across worldwide

Yeah! Finally, you landed here. Well, Let me first introduce about our Premium Tech blog i.e Callcenteredge.

We at Callcenteredge provide the latest tech updates, How-To’s, Tricks and Tips, Android, iOS and PC Tips as well. We believe that Technology extends far beyond what you can find on your smartphones easily. Either you can change with technology or technology will change you! ????

Anyways, Let’s look at this educational Scholarship Program:

Why This Scholarship Program?

Well, You are a student? Right. and you have grown up with new ideas every day or every single moment. Then why don’t you explore it with this wonderful world? That’s what Callcenteredge wants from you. All you need to just participate in this scholarship program worth of 500$ for only 5 Students it means 100$ each (6 Month Work Contrat). Oops! the amount is a little less i.e 100$ for every 5 students who win this program. But the amount would definitely increase as soon as we start getting good hits.

How To Participate?

To participate in this scholarship program you will have to research and write an article between 1500-2000 words.

All those students currently studying in the field of Business Management, IT, Communications, Marketing, Mass Communication, or any Digital media courses or Engineering or having an interest in online marketing can avail this opportunity.

How Technology Change Human Behaviour?

Is technology makes people alone?

What is the future of tech hacks?

You should be able to come up with your own unique style for answering these questions. Feel free to get creative and think outside the box. Well, Do not hesitate to answer these questions.

Application Terms: How To Submit

Well, First write a unique Article that must be 1000 words in length minimum and send it to (Sending More than 1 email can disqualify you)

  • However, You should have submitted an application by June 30th, 2023 at 12 AM
  • Again, Applications should be emailed to
  • You must use the email subject: {First_Name} Scholarship Entry
  • You must include your name, school, and essay in the email

All The Very Best! Hope we get a great response from you. and Winner will be declared very soon!