How to Set Up X Rocker Chair to Ps4: Ultimate Guide

To set up an X Rocker chair with your Ps4, connect the chair’s audio cables to the audio output on your Ps4 console. The X Rocker chair can be easily connected to your Ps4 console for an immersive gaming experience.

By following a few simple steps, you can enjoy high-quality sound and comfort while gaming. Connecting the audio cables from the chair to the Ps4 audio output, adjusting the sound settings on the Ps4, and powering on the chair will enable you to experience a new level of gaming.

This guide will walk you through the process in detail, ensuring that you can seamlessly set up the X Rocker chair with your Ps4 and start gaming in no time.

How to Set Up X Rocker Chair to Ps4: Ultimate Guide


Understanding Your X Rocker Chair

Setting up your X Rocker chair for PS4 is a simple process. The key features of the X Rocker chair are its comfortable seating and immersive sound experience. The chair is compatible with PS4, allowing you to enjoy your favorite games with enhanced audio. To set it up, connect the chair to your PS4 using the provided cables and adjust the volume and bass settings to suit your preferences. Once connected, you can immerse yourself in the game with the chair’s built-in speakers and subwoofer. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of gaming with the X Rocker chair as you delve into the virtual world of PS4 gaming.

Preparation Steps

Before setting up your X Rocker chair with your PS4, it’s essential to check all the components. Ensure that you have all the necessary cables, adapters, and connectors. Take into consideration the placement of the chair, making sure it’s located near your PS4 console for easy access to all the required connections.

Setting Up Audio Connection

Setting Up Audio Connection

To connect to PS4 controller, plug audio cable into controller’s headphone jack.

For TV or monitor connection, use included audio cables to set up easily.

How to Set Up X Rocker Chair to Ps4: Ultimate Guide


Connecting To Power Source

Power Adapter Setup: To set up your X Rocker Chair to your PS4, you first need to connect it to a power source. Start by identifying the power adapter that came with your chair. It is usually a black rectangular box with a cord attached to it. Locate a nearby power outlet and plug the power adapter into it. Ensure that the outlet is easily accessible and not blocked by any furniture or objects. Position the adapter and cord in a way that prevents tripping hazards and ensures safety while gaming. Avoid placing the cord in areas where it can be easily damaged. Once you have connected the power adapter to the outlet, the chair should receive power and be ready to use with your PS4.

Testing And Adjusting Settings

Testing and Adjusting Settings

To get the most out of your X Rocker Chair when using it with your Ps4, it’s important to properly test and adjust settings. One of the first things you’ll want to do is conduct a sound check to ensure that everything is working correctly.

Start by adjusting the volume. Connect your X Rocker Chair to your Ps4 using the appropriate cables, and then adjust the volume on the chair itself. Gradually increase the volume until you reach a comfortable level for gaming.

Next, you’ll want to test the bass. Adjust the bass settings on your X Rocker Chair, typically found on the control panel, to find the ideal level for your preferences. Try playing some music or a game with heavy bass to gauge the quality and adjust accordingly.

Additional Features And Tips

For Bluetooth connectivity, pair X Rocker Chair with PS4 wirelessly. Make sure both devices are in range and settings are correct. Maintenance tips: Regularly clean chair for longevity and avoid spills to prevent damage.


If you encounter common issues while setting up your X Rocker Chair with PS4, don’t worry! The first step is to check all connections and cables. Ensure that everything is securely plugged in. If you’re still facing problems, seek help from the official X Rocker website or customer support team. They can provide specific guidance tailored to your situation. Remember, patience and thorough troubleshooting can often lead to a successful setup.

How to Set Up X Rocker Chair to Ps4: Ultimate Guide



Get ready to enhance your gaming experience with a well-set X Rocker chair for your Ps4. Proper setup ensures comfort and immersion. Follow the steps outlined in this guide for optimal gaming pleasure. Enjoy long gaming sessions like never before with your new setup!