How to Tame an X Rock Elemental: Master the Art of Domination

To tame an X Rock Elemental, approach it with a rock golem and use a catapult. Taming an X Rock Elemental in Ark Survival Evolved can be a challenging yet rewarding task.

These powerful creatures can be tamed using a strategic approach involving specialized tools and tactics. In this guide, we will explore the process of taming an X Rock Elemental, including the tools required, the best methods for approaching the creature, and tips for ensuring a successful tame.

By following these steps, you can successfully add an X Rock Elemental to your collection of tamed creatures in the game.

Understanding Rock Elementals

Rock Elementals are mystical creatures with dual strengths and weaknesses. Originating from the depths of the earth, they possess immense power, capable of leveling mountains. However, their rock exterior also makes them vulnerable to fast, agile opponents. To tame a Rock Elemental, one must first understand their origins and unique characteristics. Their resilience and durability are unmatched, but they can be outmaneuvered with strategic tactics.

How to Tame an X Rock Elemental: Master the Art of Domination


Preparing For Taming

To prepare for taming, it is essential to gather the required resources beforehand. Resources includes rocks and crystals. Next, build a sturdy taming pen to safely contain the rock elemental during the taming process.

Approaching The Taming Process

When approaching the taming process, it’s crucial to choose the right strategy. Consider the elemental’s weaknesses and strengths to devise a plan. Avoiding common mistakes such as underestimating its power or engaging unprepared is key. Patience and persistence are essential, as taming an X rock elemental can be a challenging task. Observing its behavior and adapting your approach accordingly is crucial. Furthermore, maintaining a safe distance while building trust is fundamental. In addition, using effective tools and resources will greatly enhance the taming process. It’s imperative to stay focused and cautious throughout the entire process.

How to Tame an X Rock Elemental: Master the Art of Domination


Mastering The Taming Techniques

When it comes to taming an X Rock Elemental, mastering the techniques is essential. Using traps effectively is a crucial part of the process. To establish control and trust, it is important to approach the creature cautiously. Begin by selecting a suitable location for the trap, making sure it is well-hidden. Construct the trap using sturdy materials, ensuring it can withstand the elemental’s powerful attacks. Strategically place bait within the trap to entice the creature. Once the X Rock Elemental is lured into the trap, activate it swiftly and securely to immobilize the creature. Remain patient and observant as the taming process can be lengthy. Continually gauge the elemental’s behavior to understand its temperament and mood. Offer treats and gentle gestures to build trust and gradually gain control. By following these methods, taming an X Rock Elemental can become a successful endeavor.

Overcoming Challenges

Handling challenges when taming an X Rock Elemental is crucial. One of the main challenges encountered is dealing with aggression. Stay calm and composed when faced with an aggressive Elemental. Approach cautiously and assess the situation before taking any action.

Use distractions to divert the Elemental’s attention away from its aggression. This can be done by throwing objects or creating loud noises nearby. Once distracted, slowly and cautiously approach the Elemental with soothing gestures and calming words.

In addition, be prepared for unexpected situations that may arise during the taming process. Have a contingency plan for emergencies such as an Elemental breaking loose or becoming unmanageable. Ensure you are adequately equipped with tools and resources to handle such situations.

Remember, taming an X Rock Elemental can be challenging, but with the right approach and preparedness, it is possible to successfully tame and gain control of the Elemental’s aggression.

Building A Strong Bond

Building a strong bond with an X Rock Elemental requires patience and understanding. Establishing loyalty is crucial for gaining the trust of the elemental. Spend time with your elemental, showing care and attention to nurture the bond. Training for special abilities involves consistent practice and positive reinforcement. Encourage the elemental to showcase its unique skills while rewarding and praising its efforts. By creating a nurturing environment, the bond between you and the X Rock Elemental will strengthen, leading to a loyal and devoted companion.

Maintenance And Care

Taming an X Rock Elemental requires proper maintenance and care. Follow these steps to ensure a successful taming process and keep your elemental happy and healthy.

Taking care of your X Rock Elemental involves regular feeding and hydration. Always ensure their health and wellness through routine checks. Keep them strong and happy!
How to Tame an X Rock Elemental: Master the Art of Domination


Showcasing Your Mastery

Discover the secrets to taming an X Rock Elemental like a pro. Master the art of control and showcase your expertise with these essential tips and techniques.

Participating in Battles Engage in battles to gain experience and level up.
Strategize using elemental weaknesses to defeat opponents.
Utilizing in Various Environments Adapt your tactics to suit different terrains and challenges.
Explore the elemental’s capabilities for optimal performance.


Taming an X Rock Elemental requires patience, strategy, and the right tools. By following the tips outlined in this guide, you can successfully tame and utilize these powerful creatures to your advantage in the game. With proper preparation and a clear understanding of their behavior, you can become a master of taming X Rock Elementals.