How to Master Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Crush Your Way to Victory

To use Rock Smash in Pokemon X, teach a Fighting-type move to a compatible Pokemon. In Pokemon X, to break rocks and access new paths, use Rock Smash outside of battle.

To start, select the move from your Pokemon’s menu and target a rock obstacle. Your Pokemon will use Rock Smash to break the obstacle, allowing you to progress in the game by clearing your path and uncovering hidden items or Pokemon.

Remember to keep a Pokemon with Rock Smash in your party to navigate and explore various locations, enhancing your gameplay experience in Pokemon X. With this move, you can overcome obstacles and discover hidden treasures as you advance through the game.

How to Master Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Crush Your Way to Victory


Understanding Rock Smash

Understanding Rock Smash: Rock Smash is a valuable move in Pokemon X, allowing players to break through obstacles and access hidden items.

Importance of Rock Smash: It is crucial for progressing through certain areas and finding rare items that are otherwise unreachable.

Obtaining Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Players can obtain the Rock Smash HM by defeating the Fighting-type gym leader, Grant, in Cyllage City.

How to Master Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Crush Your Way to Victory


Building Your Rock Smash Dream Team

Create an unbeatable Pokemon X team by mastering the art of using Rock Smash. Learn how to build your dream team and overcome obstacles with this powerful move.

Building Your Rock Smash Dream Team
  • Choose strong Pokemon with fighting type moves.
  • Ensure your team has diverse abilities for coverage.
  • Optimize move sets based on type advantages.

Mastering Rock Smashing Techniques

Rock Smash is a useful move that can break rocks and open up new pathways in Pokemon X. To master the technique, you must identify the weaknesses of the rocks you encounter. Pay attention to the visual cues that indicate which rocks can be smashed. Once the weaknesses are identified, execute the move strategically to clear obstacles and access hidden items. With practice, you can efficiently use Rock Smash to navigate through the game and uncover valuable resources.

How to Master Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Crush Your Way to Victory


Exploring Rock Smash Rewards

Discover the rewards of using Rock Smash in Pokemon X for exciting encounters and hidden items. Unleash the power of Rock Smash to uncover secrets and enhance your gameplay experience.

Players in Pokemon X can use the Rock Smash ability to discover hidden items and secrets as they explore the game world. Rock Smash allows trainers to break rocks in various locations, revealing valuable rewards. By using this move in specific areas, players can uncover items such as Rare Candy, valuable TMs, and even hidden entrances to secret areas. These rewards are important for trainers looking to strengthen their Pokemon teams and complete their Pokedex. Furthermore, by earning Gym Badges, trainers can increase their Rock Smash capabilities, allowing them to access previously inaccessible areas. With careful exploration and the effective use of Rock Smash, trainers can uncover hidden treasures and secrets that will aid them on their journey to becoming a Pokemon Champion.

Facing Rock Smash Challenges

Rock Smash is a vital move in Pokemon X that allows trainers to overcome obstacles in their path. One of the main challenges that trainers face with Rock Smash is dealing with tough terrain. It’s important to approach these obstacles with a strategy to maximize your chances of success.

When encountering tough terrain, it’s essential to have a Pokemon with the Rock Smash move in your party. This move enables you to break through rocks blocking your way and progress further in the game. Additionally, certain Rock-type Pokemon can learn Rock Smash, making them valuable assets to have on your team.

Strategy Benefit
Carefully plan your route Save time and energy by avoiding unnecessary detours
Level up your Pokemon Ensure your Pokemon have enough strength to break through rocks
Use Rock Smash strategically Maximize your chances of finding hidden items or encounters

By following these strategies and utilizing the Rock Smash move effectively, trainers can navigate through tough terrain and uncover valuable rewards. With determination and careful planning, you’ll overcome any obstacle that stands in your way!

Rock Smash In Competitive Battles

In competitive battles, Rock Smash can be a surprising move to catch opponents off guard. Incorporating Rock Smash in strategies can lead to unexpected advantages, such as lowering the opponent’s defense. Countering opponents with this move can create opportunities to exploit their weakened defenses and gain an upper hand in battles.

Evolving Your Pokemon Through Rock Smash

Evolving Your Pokemon is crucial in Pokemon X by using Rock Smash.

Unlocking Evolutionary Paths:

  • Break boulders with Rock Smash to reveal hidden areas.
  • Find evolutionary stones for specific Pokemon evolution paths.

Rock Smash Beyond Pokemon X

Discover how to effectively use Rock Smash in Pokemon X to break through rocks and access hidden areas. By teaching the move to a compatible Pokemon, you can smash boulders that block your path, revealing valuable items and secret locations.

Mastering this move is essential for fully exploring the Kalos region.

Pokemon games offer various hidden items accessible by using Rock Smash. To get hidden items, ensure your Pokemon knows the Rock Smash move. In older games, like Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Rock Smash offers access to hidden caves.
In Pokemon Sun and Moon, utilizing Rock Smash can reveal special Poke Balls. Remember to revisit locations with Rock Smash to find all the hidden treasures. Community tips and tricks can help you maximize the use of Rock Smash in other games.


Knowing how to use Rock Smash in Pokemon X is crucial for unlocking hidden items and progressing in the game. By utilizing this HM move effectively, you can overcome obstacles and explore new areas. Remember to have a Pokemon with this move in your party to make the most of your gaming experience.

Happy smashing!