How to Move Rocks in Pokemon X: Master the Art of Shifting Boulders

To move rocks in Pokemon X, you need HM04 Strength. Teach it to a Pokemon with enough strength.

Pokemon X is a popular game developed by Game Freak and released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2013. One of the key mechanics in the game is the ability to move rocks to access new areas, items, and Pokemon. Learning how to effectively move rocks using the HM04 Strength is crucial for progressing through the game and completing various challenges.

In this guide, we will discuss the steps and strategies you can use to move rocks efficiently in Pokemon X, helping you make the most out of your gaming experience. Let’s delve into the world of Pokemon X and master the art of rock-moving in the game.

How to Move Rocks in Pokemon X: Master the Art of Shifting Boulders


Unlocking Rock Smash

To move rocks in Pokemon X, players need to unlock the move Rock Smash. This can be achieved by obtaining the HM08 and teaching it to a compatible Pokemon, granting them the ability to break obstacles and progress through the game.

Unlocking Rock Smash Finding the HM Teaching a Pokémon
Head to Ambrette Town. Received from the scientist. Teach it to a Pokémon.
Locate the Fossil Lab. Explore nearby routes. Select a suitable candidate.
Speak to the NPC inside. Search in Glittering Cave. Visit a Pokémon Center.

Identifying Smashable Rocks

To identify smashable rocks in Pokemon X, look for distinctive rock clusters in the environment. These clusters are usually bigger and more prominent than background rocks. Differentiating them from regular rocks can help you uncover hidden items or pathways. Take note of their size, shape, and location to make the most out of your rock smashing adventures in the game.

Building A Rock-smashing Team

To build a rock-smashing team in Pokemon X, start by choosing Pokémon with Strength. Look for Pokémon that can learn the move and have strong attack stats. Additionally, make sure to create a balanced team by considering types and weaknesses. Choose Pokémon that complement each other and cover each other’s weaknesses. Moreover, consider including a variety of move types such as Fighting, Ground, and Steel to handle different rock-types. In addition, consider the abilities of your Pokémon to further enhance your team’s strengths. Remember to strategize and plan for battles against rock-type Pokémon to ensure success in your journey.

How to Move Rocks in Pokemon X: Master the Art of Shifting Boulders


Usage Of Rock Smash

Rock Smash is a handy move in Pokemon X that allows players to break In-Game Obstacles and discover Hidden Items. This move is indispensable for navigating through the game’s various locations. When used on large Rocks strategically placed throughout the game, players can clear their paths and access new areas. These Rocks often serve as blockades, hindering progress. By using Rock Smash, players can smash these obstacles and explore hidden corners of the game world. Not only does this give players a chance to find valuable items, but it also allows them to uncover secrets and uncover new pathways. The move can be acquired early in the game, making it essential for players who want to fully explore everything that the game has to offer.

Mastering Rock Puzzle Challenges

In order to master the rock puzzle challenges in Pokemon X, it is essential to analyze the pushing patterns and overcome the variations. By understanding the mechanics of rock movement, you can effectively navigate through these puzzles and proceed in the game. Pay attention to the layout of the rocks and observe the available space for pushing. Plan your moves carefully to avoid getting stuck or creating an unsolvable situation. Experiment with different approaches to find the most optimal solution for each puzzle. Take note of any special rock types or symbols that may indicate specific movement patterns. With practice and perseverance, you can become adept at moving rocks and conquer the challenges that await you!

Utilizing Tms For Rock-type Moves

When it comes to mastering Pokemon X, TMs for Rock-Type moves are crucial. To acquire powerful moves, seek out TMs such as Rock Slide and Stone Edge. Choose moves strategically based on your Pokemon’s stats and weaknesses.

Conquering Rock-type Gym Leaders

Learn how to conquer Rock-Type Gym Leaders in Pokemon X by mastering the art of moving rocks. Discover essential strategies to navigate through these challenging battles and come out victorious. Train your team and gain the upper hand against these formidable opponents.

Conquering Rock-Type Gym Leaders
Strategies for Battle
Focus on Pokemon with grass, water, or fighting type moves.
Utilize moves like Grass Knot or Surf to exploit weaknesses.
Have a diverse team to counter various rock type defenses.
Train your team to high levels for a competitive edge.
Keep healing items handy during tough gym battles.
How to Move Rocks in Pokemon X: Master the Art of Shifting Boulders


Exploring Rock Smash Rewards

Exploring Rock Smash Rewards: Use Rock Smash to uncover hidden areas and find rare items. It’s rewarding and exciting!

Unlocking Hidden Areas: Break rocks to access secret locations with valuable treasures. Keep exploring for surprises.


In the world of Pokemon X, moving rocks is essential for uncovering hidden items and secret paths. By obtaining the necessary strength or using specific Pokemon moves, you can clear the way to progress in the game. Learning how to navigate and navigate through obstacles will greatly enhance your gaming experience.

Keep practicing and exploring the world of Pokemon X to master the art of moving rocks!