How to Get Hm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Smash Your Way to Victory!

To get HM Rock Smash in Pokemon X, go to Cyllage City and defeat the gym leader. Once you have the Cliff Badge, the Rock Smash HM will be given to you.

In Pokemon X, HM Rock Smash is a valuable move that allows you to break rocks blocking your path, revealing hidden items and secret areas. Obtaining this HM is essential for progressing through the game and exploring new locations. By defeating the Cyllage City gym leader, players can unlock the Rock Smash HM and add it to their collection of useful moves.

With HM Rock Smash in your arsenal, you’ll be able to access hidden goodies and uncover exciting surprises in the world of Pokemon X. So, gear up, challenge the gym, and pave your way to victory with Rock Smash!

How to Get Hm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Smash Your Way to Victory!


Finding Hm Rock Smash

To obtain HM Rock Smash in Pokemon X, head to Ambrette Town and locate the fossil lab. Inside, speak to the scientist near the door to receive the HM. You can then teach Rock Smash to one of your Pokemon and break rocks blocking your path throughout the game.

Locating the TM Challenges in Obtaining HM
Battle the black belt in Ambrette Town. Defeat the roller skater on the way.
Explore Cyllage Gym to find the TM. Watch out for trainers blocking the path.
Find the Rock Smash HM in Ambrette Town. Offer berries to distracted NPCs.

Teaching Hm Rock Smash

Teaching HM Rock Smash:

Choosing a Pokemon
Learning how to use HM Rock Smash effectively

Using Hm Rock Smash

HM Rock Smash is a crucial move in Pokemon X and is required to access certain areas. To obtain HM Rock Smash, players must first defeat the Cyllage City Gym Leader, Grant. Once defeated, players will receive the TM containing Rock Smash. This move can then be used to break rocks blocking paths and explore hidden areas throughout the game. Breaking rocks with Rock Smash can also yield hidden items and Pokemon, making it an essential tool for completing the game and uncovering all its secrets.

Strategies For Success

When it comes to battling in Pokémon X, having a diverse team is important. In order to obtain the HM Rock Smash, there are several strategies that can lead to success. The first tip is to make sure your team consists of Pokémon with a range of types and move sets. This will allow you to have a balanced team that can handle different opponents and situations. Additionally, it’s important to train your Pokémon evenly, so that each team member is strong and capable in battle. Another tip is to pay attention to the level and type of the Pokémon you will be battling against. By knowing this information, you can adjust your team and strategy accordingly, ensuring a higher chance of victory. Moreover, it’s helpful to have a Pokémon that knows the Rock Smash move, as this will allow you to break barriers and access new areas. In conclusion, by following these strategies and building a diverse team, you can increase your chances of success in obtaining the HM Rock Smash in Pokémon X. Good luck on your adventure!

Unlocking Hidden Items

Unlocking hidden items in Pokemon X can be an exciting adventure worth undertaking. One valuable item that can be obtained is HM Rock Smash, allowing players to destroy rocks blocking their path and access secret areas. To uncover these hidden treasures, it is crucial to identify secret locations within the game. While exploring, keep an eye out for suspicious-looking rock formations or cracks in walls – these could indicate hidden items waiting to be discovered. Once a suspicious location is identified, interact with it to reveal its contents.

Reaping the rewards of discovering hidden items goes beyond mere satisfaction – many of these items are essential for progressing through the game. They might include rare Pokemon, useful TMs, or other valuable resources. By actively seeking out and unlocking secret areas, players can greatly enhance their gaming experience and increase their chances of success in battles and competitions.

How to Get Hm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Smash Your Way to Victory!


Overcoming Obstacles

When it comes to overcoming obstacles in Pokémon X, obtaining HM Rock Smash is essential for progressing in the game. Dealing with tough encounters becomes much easier with the use of this HM. By maximizing the HM’s potential, players can access new areas, discover hidden items, and defeat obstacles that block their path. One efficient way to obtain HM Rock Smash is by locating the Rock Smash TM in Ambrette Town. After receiving the TM, players can teach it to a Pokémon with the abilities to break rocks, allowing them to navigate through the game more effectively.

How to Get Hm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Smash Your Way to Victory!



Obtaining HM Rock Smash in Pokémon X is crucial for accessing hidden items and progressing through the game. By following our guide, you can easily secure this essential move. With Rock Smash, you’ll be able to uncover new areas and conquer challenging obstacles.

Happy gaming!