How to Move Big Rocks in Pokemon X: Mastering the Epic Strength

To move big rocks in Pokemon X, use the move Strength on a Pokemon with enough strength. In Pokemon X, navigating through obstacles like big rocks can be essential to progress in the game.

One effective way to overcome these obstacles is by utilizing the move Strength on a Pokemon that possesses the requisite strength to move the rocks. Successfully moving big rocks can reveal hidden items, new paths, and even enable you to access unique areas within the game.

This can be particularly advantageous in your quest to catch rare Pokemon, uncover secrets, and complete your Pokedex. By strategically using the move Strength, you can enhance your gaming experience and advance further in the world of Pokemon X.

Understanding Epic Strength

Understanding Epic Strength:
Obtaining Epic Strength: In Pokémon X, to move large rocks, the Epic Strength maneuver is indispensable. This ability is acquired in Cyllage City after defeating the second gym leader, Grant. By executing this technique, players can overcome obstacles and access previously inaccessible areas, unveiling hidden items and secret spots. Strategic use of Epic Strength will enable players to progress in the game and discover valuable resources. Mastering this ability is a pivotal part of the game, enhancing the overall gaming experience and providing an edge in completing the Pokémon X journey.

Importance of Big Rock Movement: The significance of mastering the Epic Strength technique cannot be overstated. It grants access to new areas and allows for the retrieval of coveted items and rewards. Utilizing this ability ensures progress and unlocks hidden paths, delivering a sense of achievement and excitement. Moving big rocks is not only a game mechanic but also a vital aspect of exploring the diverse landscapes within the Pokémon X world.

How to Move Big Rocks in Pokemon X: Mastering the Epic Strength


Location Of Big Rocks

To move big rocks in Pokemon X, it is important to know their locations. Identifying the big rocks on the map can be a challenge. These rocks are usually found in specific areas such as caves, forests, or mountains. Look for prominent rock formations on the map to identify potential locations. Some big rocks may be hidden and require a specific action to reveal them. Keep an eye out for cracks or crevices that may indicate the presence of a big rock. It can be helpful to interact with NPCs in the game who may provide clues about the locations of big rocks. Once you have identified a big rock, use a strength move like Rock Smash to move it and progress in the game.

Strategies For Moving Big Rocks

Moving big rocks in Pokémon X can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies and techniques, you can overcome this obstacle and continue your journey. One effective strategy is to utilize epic strength effectively. Train your Pokémon to have high strength stats, allowing them to easily move large rocks blocking your path.

Here are some tips for maneuvering big rocks in Pokémon X:

  • Choose Pokémon with high strength stats to increase your chances of success.
  • Interact with the rock while standing next to it to activate your Pokémon’s strength skill.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to exert force and push the rock in the desired direction.
  • Be cautious of any obstacles or hazards that may hinder your progress.
  • Take your time and plan your moves strategically to avoid getting stuck.
  • Remember to save your game progress regularly to prevent any setbacks.

By following these strategies and keeping a clear focus on utilizing your Pokémon’s epic strength, you’ll be able to move big rocks in Pokémon X with ease.

Enhancing Epic Strength

Enhancing your epic strength in Pokemon X is crucial for moving big rocks in the game. By leveling up your epic strength ability, you can unlock greater rock-moving power, allowing you to access new areas and discover hidden items. Training your Pokemon to increase its strength stat is essential for overcoming obstacles and progressing through the game. Utilize items such as Protein and Iron to boost your Pokemon’s strength, and consider teaching it Rock Smash to make the task easier. With determination and strategic training, you can empower your Pokemon to conquer any boulder in its path.

Unlocking Hidden Areas

Learn the secrets of unlocking hidden areas in Pokemon X with our guide on how to move big rocks effectively. Discover the strategies and techniques to overcome obstacles and access hidden treasures in the game.

Unlocking Hidden Areas
Accessing Secret Locations with Big Rocks
Discovering Rare Items and Pokemon
To move big rocks in Pokemon X, players need to find Strength HM. Once obtained, use it on large rocks to reveal secret areas. These hidden spots often contain rare items and elusive Pokemon. Keep exploring to uncover all the hidden surprises within the game.
How to Move Big Rocks in Pokemon X: Mastering the Epic Strength


Mastering Rock Puzzles

To move big rocks in Pokemon X, mastering rock puzzles is crucial.

Solving complex rock-based challenges will test your epic strength abilities.

How to Move Big Rocks in Pokemon X: Mastering the Epic Strength



Moving big rocks in Pokemon X requires strategic thinking and the right tools. By using Strength or Rock Smash, players can overcome obstacles and access hidden areas. Understanding the game mechanics and exploring different tactics will lead to success in this challenging aspect of the game.

Mastering these skills will enhance the overall gaming experience.