How to Get Ice Rock in Pokemon X : Master the Hunt

To get Ice Rock in Pokemon X, head to Frost Cavern and find it near the northern exit. In Pokemon X, the Ice Rock can be found in Frost Cavern, near the northern exit.

To obtain it, simply navigate through Frost Cavern until you reach the northern part of the area, where you will find the Ice Rock. This item is essential for evolving certain Ice-type Pokemon, so be sure to have it in your inventory for any potential evolutions.

Once you have the Ice Rock, you can successfully evolve specific Ice-type Pokemon like Eevee into Glaceon by leveling them up in its proximity. Now that you have the location and importance of the Ice Rock, let’s delve deeper into the process of obtaining it in Pokemon X.


Location: Ice Rock in Pokémon X can be found in two specific locations.

Route 20: Ice Rock is located on the northern side of Route 20.

Frost Cavern: Another location wherein Ice Rock can be found is within the Frost Cavern.


To find Ice Rock, head to Route 20 and navigate through Frost Cavern.

Pokemon Influenced By Ice Rock

In Pokemon X, players can obtain an Ice Rock, an evolutionary item that influences certain Pokemon. One notable Pokemon that is affected by the Ice Rock is Eevee, a beloved character known for its ability to evolve into various forms. When exposed to an Ice Rock, Eevee will evolve into Glaceon, a stunning Ice type Pokemon with impressive abilities.

Aside from Eevee, there are other Pokemon that are influenced by the Ice Rock as well. These include the likes of Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon, which have different evolution methods. It is important for players to locate an Ice Rock in the game to unlock these unique and powerful evolutions.

To find an Ice Rock, players can explore specific locations in the game, such as Frost Cavern, where they can collect this valuable item. By carefully searching and interacting with the environment, trainers can uncover the Ice Rock and enhance their Pokemon lineup with the addition of Ice type evolutions. It’s a thrilling journey that adds depth and strategy to the game.

How to Get Ice Rock in Pokemon X  : Master the Hunt


Additional Tips

Getting Ice Rock in Pokemon X can be challenging, but with a few additional tips, you can increase your chances of finding it. One way to find Ice Rock is by using Rock Smash. By smashing rocks in various locations, you may uncover hidden items, including Ice Rock. Keep in mind that the chances of finding Ice Rock are higher at certain times of the day. It is recommended to search for it during the day or evening when it is more likely to appear. Explore different areas and try smashing rocks during different times of day to maximize your chances. Remember to be patient and persistent, as finding rare items like Ice Rock may require some dedication!

Strategy For Evolving Eevee

Strategy for evolving Eevee involves leveling up the Pokemon and triggering its evolution process. To get Ice Rock in Pokemon X, players need to locate Frost Cavern and pick it up from the ground.

Leveling up Eevee is crucial for evolving it into Glaceon. Players can accelerate Eevee’s evolution by increasing its friendship level and ensuring it levels up near the Ice Rock. Activating Evolution is as simple as meeting the necessary criteria and initiating the process.

How to Get Ice Rock in Pokemon X  : Master the Hunt


Related Items

Related Items:

When looking to obtain Ice Rock in Pokemon X, players will need to utilize Ice Stone, a special evolutionary stone. Evolutionary stones such as Ice Stone are essential items used to evolve specific Pokémon. In the case of Ice Rock, players can use Ice Stone to evolve certain Ice-type Pokémon like Alolan Vulpix. By acquiring Ice Stone through various in-game methods or purchasing from specific vendors, trainers can ensure they have this crucial item to evolve their Pokémon.

How to Get Ice Rock in Pokemon X  : Master the Hunt



To sum up, obtaining Ice Rock in Pokemon X is a straightforward process that can greatly enhance your gameplay. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll have the Ice Rock in no time. With this valuable item, you’ll be able to evolve certain Pokemon into stronger forms, giving you an advantage in battles.

Embrace this knowledge and embark on your journey towards becoming a Pokemon master. Happy gaming!