How to Master Rock Smash in Pokemon X And Y: Ultimate Guide

To learn Rock Smash in Pokemon X and Y, find the TM for the move in Ambrette Town. The TM is given to you by a Hiker in the Ambrette Town Fossil Lab.

Rock Smash is essential for breaking cracked rocks in the game, so it’s important to add this move to your Pokemon’s move set. Once you have the TM, you can teach it to your Pokemon and start using Rock Smash to access new areas and discover hidden items in the game.

In Pokemon X and Y, Rock Smash is a valuable move that allows you to break cracked rocks to access hidden items and secret areas. Learning this move can significantly enhance your gameplay experience by uncovering hidden treasures and opening up new pathways. To acquire Rock Smash, you need to obtain the TM for the move, which is given to you by a Hiker in the Ambrette Town Fossil Lab. With Rock Smash in your Pokemon’s move set, you’ll be able to explore the game world more thoroughly and make exciting discoveries along the way.

How to Master Rock Smash in Pokemon X And Y: Ultimate Guide


Importance Of Rock Smash

Rock Smash is a crucial move in Pokemon X and Y. It allows you to access hidden items and open up new pathways in the game.

How to Master Rock Smash in Pokemon X And Y: Ultimate Guide


Acquiring Rock Smash

Learning how to acquire Rock Smash in Pokemon X and Y is crucial to progressing in the game. The first step is finding the HM, which is located in the Cyllage City gym. Once you have the HM, the next step is teaching it to a Pokemon. Make sure to choose a Pokemon that you want to learn Rock Smash and has an available move slot. Once the Pokemon has learned the move, you can use it to break through rock obstacles in the game and access new areas. Mastering Rock Smash is essential for completing your Pokedex and uncovering hidden secrets in Pokemon X and Y.

Choosing The Right Pokemon

To successfully teach Rock Smash in Pokemon X and Y, you need to choose a Pokemon capable of learning this move. Consider using Fighting-type or Rock-type Pokemon, as they are naturally inclined to master Rock Smash. Additionally, Pokemon with high Attack stats can be a good choice, as this move relies on physical strength. When building a balanced team in the game, don’t overlook the importance of having a Pokemon that can use field moves like Rock Smash. These moves help you navigate obstacles and access hidden areas, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Efficient Use Of Rock Smash

To efficiently learn the move Rock Smash in Pokemon X and Y, it is important to understand the strategies for efficient item collection and clearing obstacles. When using Rock Smash, make sure to focus on areas with hidden items, as they are more likely to yield valuable rewards. Additionally, plan your route to maximize efficiency and minimize unnecessary battles. Use a Pokemon with a high Attack stat to clear obstacles in a single hit, saving time and resources. Remember to heal your Pokemon when necessary to maintain your team’s strength. Utilize the Pokemon Amie feature to increase your Pokemon’s happiness, as this can enhance their battle performance. By following these tips and tricks, you will be able to efficiently learn and utilize Rock Smash in Pokemon X and Y.

Exploring Hidden Areas

Exploring hidden areas in Pokemon X and Y can be an exciting and rewarding experience. One way to do this is by finding locations with hidden items. These hidden items can be found in various places throughout the game. To locate them, it is important to employ certain strategies for finding hidden paths. By carefully examining your surroundings and investigating suspicious-looking areas, you can uncover hidden items that may be hidden behind rocks or in tall grass. Keep in mind that some hidden items can only be accessed by using a move like Rock Smash. This move allows you to break rocks blocking your path and reveal hidden items. So, make sure to teach one of your Pokemon Rock Smash and bring it along on your exploration journey. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out for any clues or suspicious spots. Happy exploring!

How to Master Rock Smash in Pokemon X And Y: Ultimate Guide


Training And Power-ups

In Pokemon X and Y, learning the Rock Smash move is crucial for accessing new areas and hidden items. To teach your Pokemon this move, look for the character that gives you the HM for Rock Smash. Then, assign the move to a compatible Pokemon and start smashing through obstacles to progress in the game.

Training and Power-Ups
Improve Rock Smash power by leveling up Pokemon for better performance.

Mastering Rock Smash Challenges

To master Rock Smash in Pokemon X and Y, encountering tough obstacles and overcoming difficult puzzles with Rock Smash is essential. Prioritize learning the move by visiting Moss Rock in Cyliage City. Instruct your Pokémon to use the move on cracked boulders to reveal hidden items or pathways to advance in the game. Remember, Rock Smash can also trigger wild Pokémon encounters, so be prepared for battles and utilize your skills to outsmart your opponents.


Finally, mastering Rock Smash in Pokemon X and Y opens new opportunities in the game. Enhance your gameplay by breaking obstacles and uncovering hidden items. As you progress, make sure to utilize this HM move effectively for success in your Pokemon journey.

Happy smashing!