How to Easily Install Rock Lights on Wildcat X: Step-by-Step Guide!

To install rock lights on a Wildcat X, begin by mounting the lights under the vehicle. Then connect the wiring harness to the battery and controller.

Enhancing the appearance and functionality of your Wildcat X can be achieved through the installation of rock lights. These durable and powerful lights not only provide increased visibility during off-roading adventures but also add a cool aesthetic touch to your vehicle.

By following a simple step-by-step process, you can easily equip your Wildcat X with rock lights to illuminate the trails and showcase your individual style. Let’s delve into the straightforward installation method to elevate your off-roading experience with these practical and stylish accessories.

How to Easily Install Rock Lights on Wildcat X: Step-by-Step Guide!


Getting Started

Begin by preparing the necessary tools and equipment. Locate suitable mounting positions on your Wildcat X. Securely install the rock lights, ensuring proper wiring and connection for optimal performance.

Getting Started
Gather Your Supplies
Make sure you have all necessary tools handy.
Prepare Your Vehicle
Find a suitable location to work on your Wildcat X.

Locate Installation Areas

Locating installation areas for Wildcat X Rock Lights involves identifying optimal placement points for effective lighting. Position lights strategically for maximum visibility and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a secure and durable attachment. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines will guarantee a successful installation process.

Locate Installation Areas:
Identify Ideal Mounting Spots
Consider Wiring Routes

Installation Process

Installing rock lights on your Wildcat X is a straightforward process. Mounting the lights is the first step. Place the lights in the desired locations using the provided brackets. Then, connecting the wiring comes next. Connect the positive and negative wires to the corresponding terminals on the lights. Finally, secure the wiring to prevent any damage during off-road adventures. Once completed, your Wildcat X will be equipped with high-quality rock lights to illuminate your path during night rides.

How to Easily Install Rock Lights on Wildcat X: Step-by-Step Guide!


Power Source Options

Powering your rock lights in your Wildcat X can be done using different power source options. One common method is direct battery connection. This involves tapping directly into the vehicle’s battery for a direct power supply.

Another option is to use a fuse tap, which allows you to connect your rock lights to an existing fuse in the vehicle’s fuse box. This provides a convenient and safe way to draw power for your lights.

When connecting directly to the battery, it’s important to use proper wiring and connectors to ensure a secure connection and prevent any electrical issues. Additionally, including a fuse inline with the power wire is highly recommended to protect your vehicle’s electrical system.

Regardless of the power source option you choose, make sure to properly route and secure the wiring to avoid any potential damage or interference with other vehicle components.

Testing And Adjusting

How to Install Rock Lights Wildcat X

To ensure the proper functioning of your Wildcat X rock lights after installation, there are a few key steps you need to follow. Start by testing each light individually to make sure it is working correctly. Take note of any lights that aren’t functioning and troubleshoot accordingly. Once you have confirmed that all lights are operational, it’s time to move on to adjusting their angles. Position the lights in a way that suits your preferences and enhances visibility while driving, as this will vary for each person. It’s important to remember that each light can be adjusted individually, so take the time to find the perfect angle for each one. By testing and adjusting your rock lights, you can enjoy a safe and optimal riding experience at night.

Final Touches

When installing rock lights on your Wildcat X, it’s crucial to properly secure the wires to ensure a clean and professional finish. Use cable ties to secure the wires along the frame and chassis of the vehicle. This will prevent any loose or dangling wires, reducing the risk of damage and potential hazards. Additionally, consider incorporating protective measures such as wire loom or conduit to shield the wires from environmental elements and potential abrasions. By taking these final touches into consideration, you can ensure a secure and durable installation of your rock lights.

How to Easily Install Rock Lights on Wildcat X: Step-by-Step Guide!



Installing rock lights on your Wildcat X can greatly enhance its appearance and functionality. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this blog, you can effortlessly set up these lights and enjoy the benefits they bring. Keep in mind the safety precautions and consider seeking professional help if needed.

Happy off-roading!