How to Conquer the Icy Rock in Pokemon X: Ultimate Guide!

To reach the Icy Rock in Pokemon X, proceed to Frost Cavern on Route 17. A challenging aspect of playing Pokemon X is locating and accessing special items like the Icy Rock.

One such item, the Icy Rock, is crucial for enabling certain evolutions of Ice-type Pokemon. One of the better hidden items in the game, the journey to the Icy Rock requires you to navigate through the Frost Cavern on Route 17.

we will discuss the steps and strategy needed to find and acquire the Icy Rock, which will be beneficial for enhancing your gameplay experience in Pokemon X. Let’s dive in and explore the exciting world of Pokemon X to locate the elusive Icy Rock.

How to Conquer the Icy Rock in Pokemon X: Ultimate Guide!


Choosing The Right Pokemon Team

To access the Icy Rock in Pokemon X, it is essential to choose the right Pokemon team. By strategizing your squad and employing their unique abilities effectively, you can successfully navigate through the obstacles and reach the coveted Icy Rock.

Choosing the Right Pokemon Team
Understanding Each Pokemon Type: Fire, Water, Grass
Creating a Balanced Team: Cover weaknesses, have a mix of offense and defense

Mastering The Rock-type Gym Battles

The key to success in Rock-type Gym battles is identifying weaknesses. Being aware of Rock-type Pokemon strengths and vulnerabilities will help in battles. Strategize your team composition accordingly to counter opponent’s lineup. Utilize type advantages for effective battles. Master different battle techniques to defeat Rock-type Gym Leaders. Practice and learn to adapt strategies on the fly for optimal results.

Exploring Rock-type Pokemon

Encountering Rock-type Pokemon: Rock-type Pokemon can be encountered in various locations throughout the Kalos region in Pokemon X. One of the best places to find them is in caves and mountainous areas where these sturdy creatures tend to dwell. Keep an eye out for areas with rugged terrain and rocky environments to increase your chances of encountering Rock-type Pokemon.

Utilizing Rock-type Moves: Rock-type moves are highly effective against Fire, Ice, Flying, and Bug-type Pokemon, making them valuable assets in battle. When facing off against opponents with these weaknesses, be sure to utilize moves such as Rock Slide, Stone Edge, and Rock Tomb to maximize your advantage. Additionally, Rock-type Pokemon themselves often have access to a wide array of powerful Rock-type moves, so be sure to take advantage of their natural abilities in battles.

How to Conquer the Icy Rock in Pokemon X: Ultimate Guide!


Navigating Through Rock Cave Challenges

Pokemon X is a popular video game where players are tasked with navigating through Rock Cave challenges to reach the coveted Icy Rock. As you progress through the cave, you will encounter various environmental hazards that can hinder your progress. These hazards include slippery ice patches and falling rocks, which can block your path. To overcome these challenges, you must carefully plan your moves and avoid stepping on the icy patches. Additionally, you will come across rock-based puzzles that require strategic thinking to solve. These puzzles often involve moving boulders to clear a path or creating bridges to reach higher platforms. By successfully navigating through the Rock Cave challenges and solving the environmental hazards and puzzles, you will ultimately be able to reach the Icy Rock and unlock its hidden secrets.

Leveling Up Your Pokemon

How to Get to the Icy Rock in Pokemon X

Pokemon trainers often need to level up their Rock-type Pokemon to increase their strength and take on tough challenges. Here are some efficient training strategies to help you earn experience quickly:

  • Battle Strong Opponents: Take on trainers and Pokemon with higher levels to gain more experience points.
  • Use Exp. Share: Equip Pokemon with Exp. Share to evenly distribute experience points across your team.
  • Exp. Boost Items: Utilize items like Lucky Egg or Amulet Coin during battles to boost your Pokemon’s experience gain.
  • Participate in Trainer Rematches: Challenge trainers for rematches to earn additional experience points for your Pokemon.
  • SOS Battles: Engaging in SOS battles and defeating multiple Pokemon in a row can significantly increase experience gain.
  • Install O-Powers: Activate O-Powers that enhance experience points to expedite your Pokemon’s leveling.

By following these training strategies, you’ll be able to level up your Rock-type Pokemon quickly and prepare them for the challenging Icy Rock in Pokemon X.

Evolving Your Pokemon

When it comes to evolving your Pokemon in Pokemon X, it is important to understand the various evolution requirements. Different Pokemon require specific conditions to evolve. To maximize the evolution potential of your Pokemon, pay attention to level, happiness, trading, and items. Focus on fulfilling these requirements to ensure your Pokemon reach their full potential.

Mastering Rock-type Move Combos

To master Rock-type move combos, focus on using moves like Rock Slide and Stealth Rock together. These combos can deal heavy damage and set up entry hazards for your opponent. Additionally, combining Rock Tomb with Stone Edge can improve your battle strategy. Using Rock Polish before attacking can also give your Pokemon a speed boost. Remember to practice these combos in battles to become a Pokemon X expert!

How to Conquer the Icy Rock in Pokemon X: Ultimate Guide!


Conquering The Icy Rock Challenge

In Pokemon X, reaching the Icy Rock requires skill and determination. Traversing through the snowy terrain is challenging yet rewarding. Overcoming the Icy Rock Elite Challenges involves strategizing your approach. Mastering battle techniques and type advantages is crucial for success. Exploring hidden paths and using items wisely can aid in your journey. Strengthening your team and leveling up your Pokemon are key strategies. By implementing these tactics, you can conquer the icy obstacles and emerge victorious.


In short, reaching the Icy Rock in Pokémon X requires careful navigation and patience. With this guide, you can easily locate and access the rock, allowing you to evolve your Eevee into Glaceon without any complications. We hope this information helps enhance your gaming experience.

Good luck on your journey!