How to Get the Tm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Master the Art of Smashing Rocks

To get the TM Rock Smash in Pokemon X, you need to defeat Grant at the Cyllage Gym. Rock Smash is a reward for beating Grant.

In Pokemon X, obtaining the TM Rock Smash is essential for players to progress through the game, as it allows them to break through obstacles blocking their path and access hidden items and areas. By defeating Grant and receiving the TM Rock Smash, players can enhance their gameplay experience and explore new areas in the Kalos region.

This move serves as a valuable tool in the player’s journey, enabling them to overcome obstacles and discover secrets within the game world. Mastering Rock Smash is a key element in becoming a successful Pokemon trainer in Pokemon X.

How to Get the Tm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Master the Art of Smashing Rocks


The Importance Of Tm Rock Smash

To get the Tm Rock Smash in Pokemon X, you must understand its importance. You can unlock hidden items by using this TM. Accessing secret areas becomes possible with the help of Tm Rock Smash.

Locating The Tm Rock Smash

To obtain the TM Rock Smash in Pokemon X, players need to locate it within the game. Key locations can be found by exploring different areas. Interacting with specific characters in the game will also help unlock the TM.

Preparing Your Pokemon Team

When preparing your Pokemon team to obtain the TM Rock Smash in Pokemon X, selecting users with the ability to learn Rock Smash is essential. Look for Pokemon capable of learning Rock-type moves to ensure success. Consider training your team in Rock-type moves to maximize their effectiveness in using Rock Smash.

How to Get the Tm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Master the Art of Smashing Rocks


Mastering Rock Smash Mechanics

Optimizing Rock Smash Usage
Rock Smash is a crucial move in Pokemon X. Understanding its effects is key to mastering its mechanics. It can be obtained by using the TM Rock Smash. This move deals damage and has a chance to lower the opponent’s Defense stat in battle. Rock Smash is useful for breaking through rock obstacles and accessing hidden areas. It can also be used to weaken rock-type Pokemon. To optimize its usage, consider the type advantage and the opponent’s Defense stat. Additionally, remember to train your Pokemon’s attack stat for maximum effectiveness. Rock Smash can be a versatile move in battles and exploration, so mastering its mechanics will truly benefit your Pokemon journey.

Unlocking Hidden Items

If you’re playing Pokemon X and looking to obtain the TM Rock Smash, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will help you unlock the hidden items in the game. One way to find rare TM’s is by exploring different areas. Keep an eye out for hidden paths or areas that are not immediately visible. These hidden items could be tucked away in caves or behind rocks. Another method is to participate in battles with trainers. Some trainers may reward you with rare items, including TM’s. Lastly, don’t forget to check out the various shops and Pokemarts scattered throughout the game. They may have TM’s available for purchase. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining the TM Rock Smash and other rare items in Pokemon X.

How to Get the Tm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Master the Art of Smashing Rocks


Accessing Secret Areas

In Pokémon X, to obtain the TM for Rock Smash, you need to access secret areas. One way to do this is by exploring hidden caves. These caves often contain hidden items and require you to navigate tricky puzzles. Another method is reaching unreachable paths. This involves using HMs like Rock Smash to clear obstacles and unlock new areas. By successfully navigating these secret areas, you can acquire the TM Rock Smash and use it to progress in your Pokémon journey.

Challenges And Rewards

In Pokemon X, encountering tough Pokemon is crucial for growth.

Confronting challenges leads to earning exclusive rewards.

Beyond Rock Smash

Getting the TM Rock Smash in Pokémon X helps players expand exploration skills. In addition, Rock Smash can be utilized in battles to break down obstacles.


Acquiring the TM Rock Smash in Pokemon X is a crucial step in your journey. By carefully following the steps and tips outlined in this guide, you can easily obtain this essential move and access new areas in the game.

Keep exploring and learning to become a true Pokemon master!