How to Get Rock Smash in Pokemon X : Master the Art

To get Rock Smash in Pokemon X, head to the Ambrette Town and speak with an NPC on the town’s right side. Are you an avid Pokemon X player looking to obtain the Rock Smash move to break through cracked rocks and access hidden areas?

Rock Smash is a pivotal move in the game that can open up new gameplay possibilities and provide access to valuable items and Pokemon. In this guide, we will delve into the precise steps needed to acquire the Rock Smash move and how it can enhance your Pokemon X gaming experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a new trainer, mastering Rock Smash can help you uncover hidden treasures and gain a competitive edge in your Pokemon journey. Let’s explore the ins and outs of obtaining this essential move and maximizing its potential within the game.

The Location Of Tm94 Rock Smash

TM94 Rock Smash can be obtained in Ambrette Town in Pokemon X. You can find a hiker near the Fossil Lab who will give you the TM as long as you have the first badge. Rock Smash allows you to smash certain rocks in the game, revealing items or hidden pathways. It is essential for accessing certain areas and finding hidden items throughout the game.

Using Rock Smash In The Game

Rock Smash is an important move in Pokemon X that allows players to break rocks and discover hidden items. To get Rock Smash in the game, players need to visit the Glittering Cave and defeat the Team Flare Grunt who is blocking the entrance. Once defeated, the player will receive the TM for Rock Smash.

When using Rock Smash in the game, players can break certain rocks that are blocking pathways or hiding items. By breaking these rocks, players can access new areas, find hidden items, or uncover hidden passages. It is important to remember that not all rocks can be smashed, so players must look for specific rocks that are breakable.

The hidden items that can be found by using Rock Smash in Pokemon X are often rare and valuable. These items can include rare berries, evolutionary stones, or even Pokémon fossils. Exploring different areas and using Rock Smash to break rocks will increase the chances of finding these hidden treasures.

Overall, learning how to use Rock Smash in Pokemon X is essential for progressing through the game and finding valuable hidden items. So, be on the lookout for breakable rocks and start smashing!

Unlocking Rock Smash’s Full Potential

Teaching Rock Smash to multiple Pokemon can be a strategic move to ensure versatility in battles. To acquire Rock Smash in Pokemon X, follow these steps:

  • Obtain the Cliff Badge from the Cyllage City Gym to unlock the ability to use Rock Smash outside of battle.
  • Head to Ambrette Town and locate the Fossil Lab.
  • Talk to the scientist inside the lab to receive the HM for Rock Smash.
  • Teach Rock Smash to multiple Pokemon in your party to maximize its utilization.

Combining Rock Smash with other moves offers strategic advantages. For example, pairing it with a Fighting-type move can exploit opposing Rock, Steel, and Ice-type Pokemon‘s weaknesses. Additionally, some Pokemon can learn moves like Rock Slide or Earthquake, which can complement Rock Smash’s functionalities. Experimenting with different combinations can help you dominate battles and overcome challenging obstacles along your journey.

How to Get Rock Smash in Pokemon X  : Master the Art


Building A Rock Smash Specialist Team

Choosing Pokemon with Complementary Moves: When building a Rock Smash specialist team, it’s crucial to select Pokemon that complement each other’s moves. Look for Pokemon that can cover each other’s weaknesses and have a diverse set of move types.

Strategizing for Battles: To effectively use Rock Smash in battles, strategize how to incorporate it into your team’s overall battle plan. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents and plan your moves accordingly. Utilize Rock Smash strategically to gain a competitive edge in battles.

Best Practices For Rock Smash Training

In Pokemon X, obtaining Rock Smash is essential for progression. Implement regular training sessions to enhance your technique. Stay committed to track your progress and improve consistently. Evolution of your combat skills is crucial for conquering challenges in the game. Consistent practice results in excellence and provides confidence in tough situations. Aim to master the Rock Smash move to dominate battles effectively. Remember, dedication and persistence lead to success in the Pokemon world.

How to Get Rock Smash in Pokemon X  : Master the Art


Exploring Rock Smash Beyond Gameplay

Getting Rock Smash in Pokemon X is crucial for accessing hidden items and progressing through barriers. Competitive battles utilize Rock Smash strategically to break opponent’s defenses. Social interactions in Pokemon X often involve sharing tips and locations for obtaining Rock Smash.

How to Get Rock Smash in Pokemon X  : Master the Art



To sum up, obtaining Rock Smash in Pokemon X is a vital step in your journey towards becoming a Pokemon Master. With this powerful move, you can break through barriers and access hidden areas. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll quickly add Rock Smash to your arsenal and pave the way for even more exciting adventures.

So put on your trainer hat, gather your team, and let the smashing begin!