How to Add Scribble in After Effects: Master the Art of Animated Drawing

To add a scribble effect in After Effects, use the “Paint” and “Stroke” tools in the program, then animate the brush strokes as needed. This approach allows you to create a dynamic and customizable scribble effect for your project, bringing your ideas to life with creativity and flair.

Are you looking to spice up your After Effects projects with a unique and eye-catching scribble effect? Adding scribbles in After Effects can bring a lively and animated touch to your videos, making them more engaging and visually appealing. By utilizing the “Paint” and “Stroke” tools, you can easily create and customize dynamic brush strokes to bring your vision to life.

In this guide, we’ll explore the simple yet impactful process of adding a scribble effect in After Effects, allowing you to elevate the visual impact of your video content effortlessly.

Getting Started With Adding Scribbles

Import your assets for the animated drawing. Organize separate layers for the scribble effect. Make sure your composition settings are in place before starting.

Creating Basic Scribbles

In After Effects, creating basic scribbles can be done using the pen tool for simple scribbles. Adjusting stroke properties allows you to achieve the desired effects.

Adding Complexity To Your Scribbles

Layering different scribbles creates depth and interest in your After Effects composition. By animating the scribbles, you can achieve a dynamic and engaging visual effect. Mix up different styles and colors for a more complex and engaging design. Consider using varying line thickness and opacity levels to give your scribbles a sense of dimension. Experiment with different blending modes and layer orderings to enhance the overall look of your artwork.

How to Add Scribble in After Effects: Master the Art of Animated Drawing


Incorporating Textures And Styles

Adding a scribble effect in After Effects can enhance your animations and bring a unique touch to your videos. One way to achieve this is by incorporating textures. By applying different textures to your scribble drawings, you can create interesting visual effects and give your animations a distinct look. Experiment with various textures such as grunge, watercolor, or paper to find the one that best fits your desired style.

Another aspect to consider is exploring different styles for your animated drawings. You can experiment with various techniques, such as using pen strokes or brush strokes, to create different visual effects. Varying line thickness or using different colors can also add depth and create a more dynamic look. Play around with the settings and try out different options to achieve the desired style for your scribble animations.

Enhancing With Effects And Blending Modes

Adding a scribble effect in After Effects can enhance the visual appeal of your videos. One way to do this is by applying effects to your scribbles. Experimenting with blending modes can also lead to creative and unique results.

When adding effects to your scribbles, you can highlight certain areas or create a dynamic and energetic effect. By adjusting the opacity, stroke, or color properties, you can achieve different looks and moods.

In addition to effects, blending modes allow you to combine your scribble with the underlying footage in various ways. Multiply and Overlay blending modes often create interesting and visually striking results. Trying out different blending modes can spark your creativity and give your videos a distinctive look.

How to Add Scribble in After Effects: Master the Art of Animated Drawing


Animating Your Scribbles

Adding Scribble in After Effects: To animate scribbles, create motion paths. Adjust timing and easing for smooth animations.

Final Touches And Exporting

After finishing your animated drawing in After Effects, it’s time to add the final touches. This includes fine-tuning the timing and positioning of the scribble elements to ensure a polished look. You can also experiment with various effects and filters to enhance the visual appeal further.

When you’re satisfied with the outcome, it’s essential to export your project for various platforms. Consider the appropriate settings for resolution, format, and compression to ensure compatibility and optimal quality. Pay attention to details like aspect ratio and frame rate to avoid any issues when displaying your work.

How to Add Scribble in After Effects: Master the Art of Animated Drawing



To sum up, adding scribble in After Effects adds a creative touch to animations. Experiment with different settings and styles to achieve unique results. Remember to practice and explore to master this technique. Enhance your projects with dynamic scribble effects and captivate your audience.

Happy scribbling!