How to Find Rock Smash in Pokemon X: The Ultimate Guide

To find Rock Smash in Pokemon X, head to Ambrette Town and talk to the girl near the Fossil Lab. Rock Smash is a crucial move in the Pokemon X game, enabling you to break rocks and access new areas.

The move can also be used in battles to deal damage to opponents. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on finding Rock Smash in Pokemon X, along with tips on its utilization and strategic advantages. By the end of this article, you will have all the knowledge you need to effectively use Rock Smash in your Pokemon X gameplay.

How to Find Rock Smash in Pokemon X: The Ultimate Guide


Locations To Obtain Rock Smash

Rock Smash is a vital move in Pokemon X that allows players to access new areas and find hidden items. One way to obtain Rock Smash in-game is by obtaining it from a character on Route 5. Another method to acquire Rock Smash is by defeating the Fighting-type Gym Leader, Grant, who will reward you with the move. Players can also receive Rock Smash from a Hiker in Ambrette Town. Utilize these alternative methods to acquire Rock Smash and enhance your gameplay experience in Pokemon X.

Using Rock Smash Effectively

When using Rock Smash in Pokémon X, it’s essential to consider the best Pokémon for teaching the move. Geodude and Machop are excellent choices due to their compatibility and strength in battles. Both Pokémon are capable of learning Rock Smash and can effectively utilize the move to break obstacles during gameplay. In addition, another strategy involves teaching Rock Smash to a Pokémon that can benefit from its coverage, such as Normal-type Pokémon. This allows for versatility in battles, providing the ability to effectively counter opponents. By carefully selecting the Pokémon to teach Rock Smash, players can maximize its effectiveness and incorporate it into their strategic gameplay.

Exploring Hidden Areas With Rock Smash

Explore hidden areas and uncover hidden treasures by finding Rock Smash in Pokemon X. This game allows players to access new areas by obtaining Rock Smash, an essential move to uncover hidden items and secret paths throughout the game. Unleash the power of Rock Smash to discover new adventures and expand the gaming experience.

Exploring Hidden Areas Finding Hidden Items using Rock Smash Accessing Secret Areas
Use Rock Smash to break rocks and reveal hidden paths. Smash rocks to uncover valuable items like rare berries. Access secret areas by breaking obstacles in your path.
Look for cracked rocks in different locations in the game. Be on the lookout for hidden entrances to special areas. Explore new areas and discover hidden surprises.
How to Find Rock Smash in Pokemon X: The Ultimate Guide


Training Pokemon With Rock Smash

Training your Pokemon with Rock Smash in Pokemon X can provide several benefits. Rock Smash is a versatile move that not only deals damage, but also allows your Pokemon to break through rocks blocking paths and access hidden areas. By teaching your Pokemon this move, you can uncover hidden items and find shortcuts that can be useful throughout the game.

There are several optimal training locations where you can find Rock Smash. Some of these locations include Reflection Cave, Route 10, and Glittering Cave. These areas are filled with rock-based puzzles, requiring you to use Rock Smash to progress and uncover hidden rewards. By actively training your Pokemon with Rock Smash in these areas, you not only strengthen your team, but also gain access to valuable items and secret areas.

Overall, training your Pokemon with Rock Smash can greatly enhance your gameplay experience in Pokemon X. So, don’t miss out on the benefits and explore the game to its fullest by incorporating Rock Smash into your training regimen.

Rock Smash In Competitive Play

When it comes to incorporating Rock Smash into competitive teams in Pokemon X, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. Rock Smash can be a valuable move in certain matchups, so it’s crucial to understand how to effectively use it.

One strategy is to use Rock Smash as a way to counter opponents who rely on Rock-type Pokemon. The move’s Fighting-type nature gives it an advantage over Rock types, allowing your team to deal significant damage and potentially take out key threats.

It’s important to note that Rock Smash isn’t always the best choice in every situation. Considering the rest of your team composition, the current battle state, and the opponent’s Pokemon is crucial. Using Rock Smash at the right time can catch your opponent off guard and help you gain the upper hand.

Remember, competitive play requires careful planning and strategy. Incorporating Rock Smash into your team can be a valuable tool, but it’s crucial to understand how and when to use it effectively.

How to Find Rock Smash in Pokemon X: The Ultimate Guide


Rock Smash Tm Locations

Looking for Rock Smash TM locations in Pokemon X? You can find the Rock Smash TM in Ambrette Town, given to you by a Hiker inside the Fossil Lab. It’s a helpful move to access hidden items and progress through the game.

Rock Smash TM Locations Finding TMs that include Rock Smash Teaching Rock Smash to Multiple Pokemon
Pokémon X has Rock Smash TM in various locations. Locate TMs with Rock Smash in hidden spots. Teach Rock Smash to multiple Pokémon for versatility.
Explore caves, towns, and routes to find Rock Smash TM. Check hidden corners and interact with objects. Give the move to Pokémon with different strengths.


To find Rock Smash in Pokemon X, follow our step-by-step guide for success. Remember to explore every corner and interact with NPCs. Utilize your newfound HM move to crush obstacles and uncover hidden treasures. Happy hunting and may your journey in Kalos be full of smashing victories!