How to Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Mastering the Ultimate Technique

To Rock Smash in Pokemon X, you need to obtain the HM move and teach it to a compatible Pokemon. Once taught, use the move outside of battle to break certain rocks blocking your path.

Now, let’s explore how to successfully implement Rock Smash in the game. The ability to break rocks with a powerful smash is a useful skill to have in the world of Pokemon X. By learning the HM move, Rock Smash, and teaching it to a Pokemon on your team, you can remove obstacles and uncover hidden items on your journey.

Simply select your Pokemon with the move, approach a cracked rock, and use the move outside of battle to shatter it into fragments. However, keep in mind that some rocks may require a stronger Pokemon or a higher level to break. So make sure to train your Pokemon diligently and expand your exploration possibilities in the game.

How to Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Mastering the Ultimate Technique


Understanding Rock Smash

In Pokemon X, Rock Smash plays an essential role in the game. It allows players to break rocks blocking their path and access hidden items. Rock Smash is also an HM move, providing players with an opportunity to teach it to a Pokemon and use it both in and out of battle. As players progress through the game, mastering the use of Rock Smash can lead to discovering valuable items and uncovering hidden paths. Additionally, using Rock Smash in battles can lower the opponent’s defense, giving players an advantage when battling rock-type Pokemon. Utilizing Rock Smash effectively can greatly enhance the gaming experience and help players achieve success in Pokemon X.

How to Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Mastering the Ultimate Technique


Preparing For Rock Smash

Prepare for the powerful move of Rock Smash in Pokemon X with these expert tips. Master the technique to break rocks and overcome obstacles in your journey.

Acquiring Rock Smash

First, let’s talk about acquiring Rock Smash. In Pokemon X, you can obtain the HM move Rock Smash after defeating the third Gym Leader, Grant. He will reward you with the Stone Badge and give you Rock Smash as a bonus.

Team Preparation

Now, let’s focus on team preparation. To effectively use Rock Smash, it is recommended to have a Pokemon that can learn the move. Some strong options include Machamp, Tyranitar, and Rhydon. These Pokemon have high attack stats, making them ideal for Rock Smash.

Additionally, teach Rock Smash to one of your team members by selecting it in the move relearner’s settings. This way, you can use Rock Smash both in and out of battles to break rocks and discover hidden items.

Mastering The Technique

Rock Smash is a powerful move in Pokemon X that can help you overcome obstacles and discover hidden treasures. To master this technique, you need to understand some effective usage tips. Firstly, it’s crucial to optimize your Rock Smash team. Make sure to include Pokemon with high Attack stats and the Rock Smash move. This will ensure that you can break rocks easily and efficiently.

Secondly, when using Rock Smash in battle, always aim to target opponents weak against Rock-type moves. This will maximize the damage dealt and give you an advantage in combat. Additionally, try to vary the timing of your Rock Smash. By surprising your opponent with unexpected usage, you can catch them off guard and potentially defeat them with ease.

Furthermore, it’s important to be mindful of your surroundings when using Rock Smash outside of battles. Look out for rock formations or hidden items that can be accessed by breaking rocks. Finally, practice makes perfect. The more you use Rock Smash and implement these tips, the better you will become at utilizing this move to its full potential.

Effective Tips for Rock Smash
Optimize your team with high Attack stats and Rock Smash move
Target opponents weak against Rock-type moves in battles
Vary the timing of your Rock Smash for surprise attacks
Be observant of your surroundings for hidden items or pathways
Practice regularly to improve your Rock Smash proficiency

Exploring Rock Smash Locations

To effectively smash rocks in Pokemon X, it’s essential to identify smashable rocks and their locations. Look for noticeable cracks and crevices on rocks, indicating that they can be smashed. Explore various areas in the game to find hidden treasures such as rare items, berries, and even hidden Pokemon. Smashing rocks can reveal valuable items and open up new pathways in your journey. Keep an eye out for these smashable rocks in different locations to maximize your chances of finding rare and valuable rewards. Utilize Rock Smash to its full potential and uncover the hidden surprises waiting to be discovered in Pokemon X.

Challenges And Solutions

Learn how to master the Rock Smash move in Pokemon X. Discover the best techniques and strategies to conquer challenges and level up your gameplay.

Trainer Tip: Rocks in the way? Use HM Rock Smash to break them!
Strategy: Keep your team diversified to handle various Rock Smash puzzles.
Hint: Check every nook and cranny for hidden items and paths.
How to Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Mastering the Ultimate Technique


Evolving Your Strategy

Incorporate Rock Smash in battle to evolve your Pokemon strategy. Level up by smashing rocks to reveal hidden items and unlock new pathways. Enhance your gameplay by using Rock Smash to overcome obstacles and defeat opponents. Be strategic in choosing moves that complement Rock Smash in battles.


In the world of Pokémon X, mastering the art of rock smashing is vital for progression. By following the techniques discussed in this guide, you can navigate through obstacles and discover hidden treasures. Keep honing your skills and embracing the challenges that await in your Pokémon journey.

Let’s go and rock smash!