How to Get Rock Smash Pokemon X: Expert Tips and Strategies

To get the Rock Smash move in Pokemon X, you need to proceed through the story until you reach Ambrette Town and then meet the NPC located near the Fossil Lab. Interact with the NPC to receive the HM Rock Smash, which can be used by one of your Pokemon to break rocks in your path.

Welcome to the world of Pokemon X, where trainers embark on exciting adventures and battle powerful creatures. In order to progress in the game, players often need to obtain certain moves and abilities for their Pokemon. One such move is Rock Smash, which allows trainers to break through rocks obstructing their path.

In this guide, we will explain how to acquire the Rock Smash move in Pokemon X, enabling you to continue your journey and explore new areas. So, let’s dive in and discover how to obtain this essential move for your Pokemon team.

How to Get Rock Smash Pokemon X: Expert Tips and Strategies


Finding Rock Smash

Rock Smash is a vital move in Pokemon X that allows players to break certain rocks blocking their path. To obtain Rock Smash, players can find the HM in Cyllage City from the gym leader after defeating him. Additionally, players can acquire Rock Smash from Grant by talking to his sister after restoring power to the city. Another way to obtain Rock Smash is by participating in the Battle Maison and redeeming BP for the move at the Battle Point exchange. With these options, players can effectively acquire Rock Smash to progress in the game.

How to Get Rock Smash Pokemon X: Expert Tips and Strategies


Building Your Team

Building your team in Pokémon X requires careful consideration, and selecting Pokémon with the Rock Smash ability is a crucial step. Rock Smash is a HM move that allows you to break rocks blocking your path and discover hidden items. When choosing your team members, look for Pokémon capable of learning Rock Smash. Some notable examples include Geodude, Machop, and Onix. These Pokémon possess the strength and abilities necessary to shatter obstacles in your way. To train your Rock Smash Pokémon effectively, focus on their Attack and Defense stats. These stats determine the power and durability of your Pokémon, making them more resilient in battles and skilled at breaking rocks. Additionally, teaching them Rock-type moves like Rock Slide and Stone Edge can enhance their performance. As you progress in the game, ensure you allocate sufficient time for training your Rock Smash Pokémon to maximize their potential. Remember, an effective team requires a balance of skills and types. Explore different Pokémon that complement your Rock Smash expert, and always be prepared for new challenges on your journey. Happy rock smashing in Pokémon X!

Effectively Using Rock Smash

Rock Smash is a highly useful move in Pokemon X that allows you to break rocks and access hidden areas. To effectively use Rock Smash in battles, consider the following tips:

  • Choose Pokemon with a high Attack stat to maximize the move’s damage.
  • Using Rock Smash on Rock-type opponents will deal super effective damage.
  • Be cautious as some opponents may also know Rock Smash, so plan your strategy accordingly.
  • Remember that Rock Smash can lower the opponent’s Defense, giving you an advantage.

Aside from battles, Rock Smash can also be used to explore hidden areas. Smash rocks in your path to uncover secret items, hidden entrances, or even encounter wild Pokemon. Explore every nook and cranny to uncover all the hidden treasures and surprises that Rock Smash has to offer.

How to Get Rock Smash Pokemon X: Expert Tips and Strategies


Unlocking Hidden Items

Rock Smash in Pokemon X can be a valuable tool for unlocking hidden items. By utilizing Rock Smash in various locations, you can maximize your chances of discovering rare items. Locations such as caves, mountains, and other rocky areas are prime spots for using Rock Smash to uncover hidden treasures. Some of the rare items you may find using Rock Smash include evolutionary stones, rare candies, and various types of held items. It’s essential to explore different areas and consistently use Rock Smash to increase your chances of finding these valuable items.

Overcoming Challenges

Learn how to obtain the powerful Rock Smash Pokemon X by following these step-by-step instructions.

When facing tough opponents in Pokemon X, using Rock Smash can be essential.
Leverage the move to break through obstacles and gain an advantage.
Traverse challenging terrains by smashing rocks blocking your path.

Advanced Strategies

Discover advanced strategies on how to obtain the Rock Smash move in Pokémon X. Follow these expert tips to acquire this essential move for smashing through obstacles in your Pokémon adventure.

Advanced Strategies
Combining Rock Smash with Other Moves
Rock Smash in Pokemon X is a versatile move that can be used effectively in battle. When combined with other moves, it can create powerful combo attacks. Players can strategically use Rock Smash to break through opponent defenses. In competitive play, mastering the skill of Rock Smash can give you an edge over your opponents. Make sure to experiment with different combinations to discover the most effective strategies.


Getting Rock Smash in Pokémon X can greatly enhance your gaming experience. With the ability to break rocks and access hidden items, it’s a crucial move to have. By following our guide, you’ll be able to obtain Rock Smash and unlock new possibilities in your Pokémon journey.

Happy smashing!