How to Find Hm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Ultimate Guide

To find HM Rock Smash in Pokemon X, go to Ambrette Town and talk to a man in the Fossil Lab. Pokemon X players can obtain the critical HM Rock Smash by following a straightforward process.

In this guide, we will explore the exact steps to acquire HM Rock Smash in the Ambrette Town area. By interacting with a specific NPC in the Fossil Lab, trainers can add this valuable move to their team’s arsenal. The ability to break rocks and access hidden items in the game world opens up new possibilities for exploration and discovery.

Learn how to navigate the game effectively and enhance your gameplay experience with this essential HM move. With Rock Smash in your possession, you can overcome obstacles and uncover secrets as you progress through the game.

How to Find Hm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Ultimate Guide


What Is Hm Rock Smash

HM Rock Smash is a hidden machine in Pokemon X that allows players to break through certain rocks and access hidden items or new areas. In the game, HMs are used to teach Pokemon special moves that can be used outside of battle to navigate the game world. Rock Smash is an especially important HM as it allows players to clear obstacles and discover hidden items, making it crucial for progressing through the game.

The term HM stands for “Hidden Machine” in Pokemon X. HMs are special items that can teach certain Pokemon moves that can be used outside of battle to overcome obstacles and explore new areas. In the game, Rock Smash is a vital HM as it enables players to access hidden items and progress through certain areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Locations To Find Hm Rock Smash

In Pokemon X, HM Rock Smash can be found in various in-game locations. One of the earliest places to acquire this HM is in Ambrette Town. There, you can talk to a hiker near the Fossil Lab who will provide you with HM Rock Smash. Another location where you can obtain HM Rock Smash is Cyllage City. In this city, you will need to defeat the gym leader Grant, who will reward you with this useful HM.

Additionally, there are special NPCs or events related to HM Rock Smash. For example, in Geosenge Town, you will encounter Team Flare. After defeating them and progressing further in the game, you will receive HM Rock Smash as a reward. Furthermore, by participating in the Stone Emporium event, you can obtain HM Rock Smash as a prize.

Remember, HM Rock Smash is essential for unlocking special areas, breaking rocks, and finding hidden items throughout your Pokemon journey. So make sure to obtain this HM from the available locations or special events to fully explore and enjoy the game.

Benefits Of Teaching Rock Smash

Teaching Rock Smash in Pokémon X can bring significant benefits to your gameplay experience. The mechanics of the game improve as you learn this move, allowing you to interact with the environment in unique ways. One of the main advantages of teaching Rock Smash is gaining access to hidden items and secret areas that were previously inaccessible. By using this move, you can break through rocks blocking your path and discover valuable items or new locations.

The ability to find hidden items not only adds excitement to your Pokémon journey but also provides you with resources and treasures to enhance your team. Whether it’s powerful Pokémon or rare items, finding hidden secrets with Rock Smash can greatly enrich your gameplay. So, don’t underestimate the benefits that can come from learning this move and start exploring the hidden world of Pokémon X!

Teaching Hm Rock Smash To Pokemon

Teaching HM Rock Smash to Pokemon involves finding compatible species such as Geodude, Machop, and Onix. These Pokemon can learn Rock Smash and are vital for using it in the game. To teach the move, players can visit the Move Deleter in Dendemille Town to get rid of an unwanted move and then use the TM for Rock Smash on the chosen Pokemon. Another technique is to find the HM in Cyllage City by defeating the gym leader, Grant. This HM can be used to teach Rock Smash to a suitable Pokemon. Once the move is successfully taught, players can use it to break rocks blocking their path throughout the game.

Strategies For Using Rock Smash

One way to find HM Rock Smash in Pokemon X is through Rock Smash.

Combat strategies involve using Rock Smash in battles to defeat opponents.

Exploration Tips Item Gathering Tips
Explore different areas to locate hidden spots. Look for items that can be obtained by using Rock Smash.
Interact with rocks and boulders for potential rewards. Use Rock Smash strategically to access new areas.
How to Find Hm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Ultimate Guide


Alternatives To Hm Rock Smash

Check for HM Moves such as Strength, Cut, and Fly.
Explore caves and dungeons to find hidden items.
Consider using online guides or walkthroughs.
Engage in battles with wild Pokémon to earn experience points.
Trade with other players to acquire the HM Rock Smash.

How to Find Hm Rock Smash in Pokemon X: Ultimate Guide



Finding HM Rock Smash in Pokemon X can be a challenging yet rewarding task. By following the steps outlined in this guide, players can enhance their gaming experience and unlock new possibilities within the game. With perseverance and determination, trainers can conquer obstacles and uncover the hidden potential of their Pokemon journey.